Business Formation and Organization

When You Start A New Business, Build It On A Strong Foundation

Starting a new business is exciting. You have a great idea, service or product and you need a business in which to provide the means of bringing that to life. You may be so involved in the daily operation of the business that you may forget that the form your business takes is not just an empty filing made with the Florida Secretary of State's Office. Your business formation matters.

The Form Your Business Takes Is The Superstructure That You Build Upon

If you are working with friends or acquaintances, you may think you do not need an elaborate, sophisticated business organization. However, success is no insulation from adversity. A well laid-out business form that sets the proper expectations from the start is the best way to prevent disputes that can derail your business and lead to expensive and wasteful litigation.

Is A Limited Liability Right For Your Business?

While you could choose to form a partnership or corporation, many new businesses have opted for the flexibility of a limited liability company (LLC), which takes the best elements of a partnership and a corporation and combines them into a single structure.

At Sobi Law Group, P.L., in Davie, we work with other professionals, like CPAs and tax attorneys, to develop the form that best serves your business. Our firm's experience also means we can review your current business form and recommend any necessary changes.


If you are buying land for investment purposes, you may be surprised to learn that it may be in your best interests to set up a LLC on your each piece of land. This may seem overly complex, but sometimes complexity can provide valuable benefits that may make the extra effort worthwhile.

If your investment time is shorter and you may need to turn the property quickly, you may instead find creating a land trust is beneficial. In the same way that every piece of real estate is unique, each client has unique needs and concerns, depending on the type of investment they are making, whether they have tenants, mortgages and insurance requirements and our lawyer has the experience to make recommendations based on your unique circumstance.

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