Domestic Partnerships

Domestic Partnerships Deserve Special Attention

For people who are not married, decisions around end-of-life care and other medical events are not always straightforward. Without a legal document, a longtime significant other who is not a spouse may have a hard time making sure that they have a role in the care of someone they may have been with for decades.

The attorney at Sobi Law Group, P.L. know that it is necessary to devote extra attention to the relationship between domestic partners and estate planning. There are many cases in which two people who may have built a life together, owned property together, and raised a family together may not have the documentation in place via estate planning to clarify this relationship in the event of a serious illness or accident that leads to incapacitation.

Don't Be Left On The Outside Looking In

With the advent of same-sex marriage being legal in Florida and around the country, many couples who had not been able to marry made their union an official one when the law changed. However, many couples chose not to be wed for a variety of reasons.

Same-sex couples are not the only ones who may continue to be domestic partners. Couples of any gender might choose to stay unmarried and as domestic partners instead.

That's why it's important for nonmarried couples to have their intentions made clear. While a spouse is presumed to act on behalf of their husband or wife, a nonspouse could easily be cut out of the process without prior authorization.

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