Purchase And Sale

Make Sure Your Purchase And Sale Go Smoothly

Few transactions require more paperwork than the purchase or sale of residential or commercial real estate. The volume of documents can feel cumbersome and tedious, but they are there for both the buyer's and seller's protection. However, these protections are only effective if each document is carefully reviewed.

Most buyers and sellers are not familiar enough with real estate contracts and other closing documents to fully understand what each document accomplishes. That is how buyers or sellers of property get themselves into trouble.

At Sobi Law Group, P.L., in Davie, we represent sellers and purchasers of residential and commercial real estate at all stages of a transaction. Real estate transactions are the most significant and sizable purchase agreements that most people will be involved in during their lifetime. It only makes sense to enlist the services of a knowledgeable Florida real estate attorney who will make sure that your legal rights are protected and you understand the full terms of the contract.

Knowledgeable Advice At All Stages Of A Real Estate Deal

We assist clients at every stage, including negotiation of contract terms and title insurance examination. Our experienced real estate lawyers also help with:

  • Preparation of contracts and closing documents
  • Governmental and agency action on zoning, variances, environmental issues and other local, state and federal approvals
  • Mortgage and lien foreclosure
  • Formation of land trusts and other entities for the purpose of purchasing and developing property
  • Refinancing residential or commercial property
  • Quite title actions

Real estate contracts are typically loaded with language that can be difficult to interpret. We will clarify what each document means and what it achieves before you put your signature on it.

Your real estate transactions are too important to assume that a real estate agent has all of the legal protections you need in place. Contact us online or call us at 954-633-4912 to discuss your needs. We work with clients in Davie, Plantation and throughout Broward County.