Code Violations

Have You Been Notified Of A Code Violation?

For many homeowners, the purpose of the letter may be unclear. Sent by your city or municipality, it informs you that you have a code violation. Often phrased in technical language, you may be confused or believe that it is incorrect and that you are in compliance.

Don't Throw That Letter Away!

Some people may toss the letter, believing it to be unimportant or something they can ignore. That could become a very expensive error. If you fail to respond, the city or municipality will then hold a hearing in front of the city council, a city commission or a special magistrate. If you fail to appear at this hearing, the board or magistrate can enter an order against your property that could involve fines of $100, $200 or even as much as $500 per day.

If the city finds that the property remains in noncompliance, it may impose a lien on the property. While it may seem hard to believe, cities in the Fort Lauderdale area have imposed multimillion-dollar fines on properties valued at less than $300,000. The city could also bring nuisance proceedings against the property and assess the property owner for the cost of bringing the property up to code.

You Could Lose Your Home Or Investment

Code violations are serious business for Florida investors. At $500 per day, one month of a code violation could cost you $15,000. For an investor, if real estate within your investment portfolio is noncompliant for six months, your bill could climb to nearly $100,000.

No matter where you are in this process, working with a lawyer can help. Our firm can provide experienced assistance in negotiations with the municipality to determine what needs to be done to mitigate the code violations and to resolve the matter without overwhelming fines or liens being imposed.

Don't Delay, Call Today

An active code violation can cost you hundreds of dollars a day. Call our Davie office today to speak with an attorney who can help from the Sobi Law Group, P.L. at 954-380-8778.