Representing Residential And Commercial Clients

A strong landlord-tenant relationship starts with a well-drafted lease agreement. If you own residential or commercial property in Florida that you rent to someone else, having a comprehensive lease drafted by an experienced real estate attorney at Sobi Law Group, P.L., can prevent extensive - and expensive - legal issues down the road. It's a classic case of paying a little bit now to avoid paying a lot more later.

We represent landlords and tenants throughout Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties. A well-written lease agreement protects both parties by clarifying the rights and responsibilities of each. A lease should:

  • Determine the duration of the contract agreement. (A residential lease typically lasts 12 months, while a commercial lease can run for one to three years.)
  • Spell out restrictions regarding residency: Is there a limit to the number of people who can occupy a residence? Are pets allowed? Are there limitations on how the property can be used? Can you set up a home office and see clients on the property?
  • Define the penalties that must be paid by either party for breaking the lease before the term expires.
  • Set the amount of security deposit or damage deposit due and how long the deposit may be held after the lease is terminated. It should also spell out the reasons that part or all of the damage deposit may be withheld.

A Proactive Approach For Landlords And Renters

The real estate lawyer at Sobi Law Group, P.L. represent both tenants and landlords in residential and commercial leases, helping them ensure that a lease suits their needs and complies with Florida law. Do not leave the drafting of your lease contract to an online company that is probably based in another state. Representation upfront will save you the cost of litigation at the end. Call 954-633-4912 or email us to schedule an appointment.

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