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We assist those seeking a mortgage from a private lender

These days, it can sometimes be difficult for individuals in Davie to secure a mortgage from a conventional lender, such as a bank or credit union. This is not always due to a poor credit score or other personal failings. For example, sometimes someone who is retired or is self-employed may have good credit and earn a sufficient income, but will still experience difficulties in securing a mortgage loan from a conventional lender. Therefore, some of them are turning to private lenders who will provide them with the financing they need to purchase a home.

What are some basic types of mortgages?

Davie residents seeking to buy a home often have to take out a mortgage loan in order to purchase it. However, they may be surprised to find that these days there are a myriad of different types of mortgages to consider. Today, we are going to explore some of the types of mortgages that may be sought by those wishing to purchase a home.

Can't pay your mortgage? You may have options

No one in Florida can tell what the future will bring, particularly when it comes to money. Homeowners who have held a steady job for years might one day find themselves the victim of a company-wide layoff. Alternatively, a person could be struck with a serious illness, racking up significant medical bills. Or, a person's automobile may break down, necessitating an expensive repair. Really, there are a myriad of reasons why a homeowner may find they are unable to afford their mortgage.

Is America heading towards another mortgage crisis?

The burst of the housing bubble that contributed to America's "Great Recession" hit Florida homeowners hard. The nation's mortgage crisis meant that homeowners who could no longer afford their mortgage payments lost their homes to foreclosure. In recent years, America's economy has rebounded, and some fear we are headed to a second mortgage crisis.

Terms Florida homebuyers and sellers should know

Owning a Florida vacation home is a dream for people all around the world. For those who live in the state year-round it might be a necessity. Regardless of the reason, those with experience in real estate know both sides of these transactions have legal responsibilities to meet and rights to protect. To be sure of one's footing every step of the process, it's important to work with a skilled attorney.

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