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What are the steps of the real estate closing process?

Buying a home is an exciting milestone for many in Florida. A home is a place where they will create memories, and being a homeowner is part of the "American dream" for many people. Therefore, after weeks of searching for the right house and agreeing on a price, the last step in purchasing a home is the closing process.

What alternatives might Florida homeowners have to foreclosure?

Homeowners in Florida sometimes fall on hard financial times through no fault of their own, causing them to fall behind on their mortgage. This can be a very distressing experience, especially if the threat of foreclosure is looming. However, homeowners may have alternatives that can protect them from foreclosure.

South Florida real estate fared well, despite hurricane

Residents of South Florida are starting to clean up from Hurricane Irma, which recently roared through the area. Those who were looking to buy or sell a home before the hurricane may wonder how South Florida's real estate market fared after the storm. They may be pleased to hear, then, that according to industry observers, while closings and home deliveries may experience a delay, it should not affect the market too much.

What are 'arm's length' real estate transactions?

Whether you are buying your first home or selling one that you lived in happily for many years, any residential real estate transaction can be very emotional and personal in nature. Therefore, Davie residents may be surprised to hear that real estate transactions are generally "arm's length" transactions, so that they can be fair to both parties involved in the sale, and also so that they can be legitimate.

Experienced help is available for real estate transactions

Sometimes the transfer of ownership of real estate does not run as smoothly as one hopes. When a person finds themselves in a legal dispute regarding real estate, it is a very serious matter, as the real estate involved could be worth thousands or even millions of dollars. Therefore, it is important that those in Florida involved in such disputes have the assistance of an attorney who knows about the current state of real estate law and regulations and has handled a wide variety of real estate cases.

What should I look out for during a short sale?

Although finding property at a discount may seem tempting, it is wise to proceed with caution before signing papers and making a short sale transaction. Learning about a home that is in foreclosure or short sale could very well lead to a profitable purchase, there are several things that you should consider doing before making your purchase.

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