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Helping heirs achieve life goals through an incentive trust

Many people in Florida may want to pass on an inheritance to a loved one, but they may be concerned about how their loved one would handle such a windfall, especially if they come into it at a young age. In situations like this, a person may want to consider an incentive trust.

Even those of modest means need estate planning

It seems like every death of a celebrity these days winds up in a plethora of unanswered inheritance intentions and probate litigation as heirs fight over what they feel is rightfully theirs. Sometimes, a person in Davie thinks this will never happen to them, as they have only a modest estate. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Estate planning is for anyone, of any means, who has some opinion about how their final affairs should be handled.

Helping you complete your estate plan

Planning for your future can mean a wide variety of things to different people. For those in their 20s, it is likely that they are thinking about college, professional schools and what career field they want to work in. Those in their 30s are thinking about buying a house and starting a family. The 40s and 50s are about making life changes, such as career changes, buying a bigger home or going on vacation. And, once a person hits 60, they are thinking about retirement. What retirement age signals to many is that it is time to draft an estate plan. However, it is never too early to start the estate planning process, and it is something that residents of Florida should consider in their 20s and 30s.

The importance of choosing a power of attorney

One of the most important things to take into consideration during your estate planning is not just what to do with your assets and property, but what to do with you if you find yourself with a catastrophic injury or illness that renders you incapacitated and unable to communicate. What type of healthcare do you want to receive if you are facing serious, potentially life-altering conditions?

What is a living will?

The last thing people want to think about is their death. But like the late, great Benjamin Franklin once told us, there are only two certainties in life, death and taxes. While most of us think of taxes every time we make a purchase, and every quarter when taxes are due, we generally do not think about death very often. But it will happen.

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