Experienced Florida Real Estate And Estate Planning Assistance

Planning your future and that of your family

SOBI Law Group, P.L.L.C., is ready to assist with your real estate, business, or estate planning needs. Many of these legal issues overlap and our attorney can provide experienced representation.

Most individuals and families only encounter attorneys in what are seen as rare or unusual circumstances. Some issues, like estate planning, may only arise a few times during your life. Others, like real estate, may occur a few times. You may avoid taking action because of the perceived cost of a lawyer.

That behavior can mask the true cost and lead to problems that later arise and can become very expensive to resolve. At Sobi Law Group, P.L., our firm provides experienced and affordable legal counsel for those legal questions many people will encounter during their lives, including real estate law, estate planning and business law.

Legal Guidance With A Personal Touch

There are many ways to resolve legal issues. Our firm puts in the time necessary upfront with our clients to fully understand their objectives and to develop a strategy that suits each client's unique needs.

We communicate clearly and regularly with our clients and avoid legal jargon. We candidly explain the law, set realistic expectations and allow our clients to take an active role in how their case is resolved.